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        Technical Support
        Customer Service 
        - System upgrades and updates 
        - Convert factory layout 
        - Remote Access and Analysis 
        - Cycle Optimization 
        - Process Quality Optimization 
        - Machine Repair and Maintenance 
        RBT technical support team always accompany with your - providing technical services which have optimized according to the flow to you, our service including maintenance, troubleshooting, as well as upgrade and modification which customer asked for. 
        Our engineers are carried out continuous training, so that they can respond to changing customer requirements, at the same time providing professional and effective troubleshooting services. Our spare parts are well equipped, so the fault can be quickly adjusted, to minimize your loss for downtime.
        Original spare parts and wear parts are decisive for the performance of your system. They are the only ones to guarantee maximum process safety. In our spare part center, qualified technicians care for the quick and reliable supply of your systems with spare parts and wear parts, even for machines of older series.
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